Did you know you could follow your favorite Ranger(s) or fellow Bear Fans on ExploreOrg's Disqus comments board? Are you tired of asking everyone else what the Rangers have been saying?

It's not hard to follow someone on Disqus. You find their profile page and use the big Blue Follow button. Here are some profile pages of people you might like to follow:

Ranger Jeanne Ranger Mike Ranger Roy

29 1322-Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska - Bears - explore

You can also find a Blue Follow button by hovering your mouse over a Disqus member's Avatar.

29 1334-
29 1334-Disqus – ValleyFlowers
29 1335-Disqus – ValleyFlowers

Find the list of person's you're following by visiting your own Disqus Profile. (Hint: You probably want to right mouse click & open the link in a new tab)

From your profile click on the Following link to see the persons you follow.

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