Will try to explain how to add photos, hope it helps. First off all you have to sign in, its easy.

1) To add a pic to photo gallery go to photos


go to add a photo


you will see this


choose a pic from your pc and upload. Pic will show up soon.

click on pic to add a description if cam and date is not on pic.


Go to "Publish" right above and ready :)

2) How to add a photo to a daily report. If site shows up klick on 2014


Calendar shows up. Every date which is blue has a report. Black ones not yet.

You can also look under "wiki activitys" there is list with artikels. Klick on title if you want to add something.

At calendar click on blue date.


When article shows up go to "Edit" above


click on it and choose "classic editor" and window for edit shows up. Now you have this right site:


click on what you want to add and you can upload it. Choose size and position.

if ready go to Preview, if ok Publish....ready :) Hope it helps

As i understood this Site is for people who miss some days at the cams and want to see a summary of what was seen. It`s also not to loose nice pics, comments or artworks or interesting Ranger comments in "the deep of chat". And it might help to complete the Overview "Bears seen in 2014". Also the Rangers have not to search in chat for seeing what bears we saw a day and where. Best wishes, Martina