early moring the nightvision bears at BFgif

856 and 410 FourTon, i guess, at BFgif

480 Otis in office, succesful fisihg actiongif

814 Lurch at BFgif

during Infochat with mobile cam, Ranger Roy at cam doing a advertising film for Katmai Air.....LOLgif

Ranger Roy at mobil cam likes to film planes: the "Red Baron" gif

Moving clouds filmed with mobile cam LRgif

2 buddys??? follow each other at spit LRgif

Ranger Mike with mobile cam follow a UBO at LRgif

subadult 500 Indy followed with mobile cam from Ranger Mike, Indy chased some tourists at the beach LR long gif. Great cam job, Ranger Mike!!!!!


856 is now following Four Ton #410==


BF 856 + 410 July 23th


Not easy to reach someone who is watching the bearcams :)

Not easy to reach someone who is watching the bearcams :) Donna did this great pic for us,

Thank you Donna


856 and 410 still at the Falls


BF July 23th 2o14

Later Otis #480 and Backpack #89


BF July 23th 2014

LR cam

Anigif 23 juli

LR July 23th 2014

Second live chat of the day with the Rangers, Ranger Roy with his new Microphone :) bringing the "Sound of Katmai" to us. Thank you so much Rangers!


LR Live Chat July 23th 2014

Young adult male at LR

Young adult male LR

LR July 23th 2014

Sub adult LR

14-0723-Backpack Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska - Bears - explore

07-23-14 Bear 89 Backpack at Brooks Falls