Holly, spring cub, and "Cubadult" spotted at Margot Creek?

435 Holly and spring cub
402's yearling "cubadult"

Bearcam viewer CalliopeJane visited Margot Creek on a guided tour with Naknek River Camp and took photos of a sow with 2 cubs. The sow appears to be 435 Holly with 1 small, dark spring cub and 1 blond yearling. 435 Holly was seen earlier this summer on the Brooks River with 1 spring cub. The blond yearling may be bear 402's emancipated yearling, known informally as the "cubadult." CalliopeJane reported observing the sow and cubs for an hour before they ran off into the woods. At this point it is not clear if 435 Holly is merely tolerating the presence of the yearling or if she has "adopted" it and will continue to allow it to stay with her and her spring cub. Documented cases of adoption by brown bears are extremely rare. Attached photos are from earlier this summer and are provided for reference for identification of 435 Holly, her spring cub, and 402's yearling.

  • Holly and her spring cub
  • Holly with cubs
  • Holly with cubs

Here the comment from Ranger Roy at explore blog ( find from JaniePooh and transfered from comment)

Possible “Adoption” of Orphaned “Cubadult”

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