Sunrise at Lower River with a bear at spit  and birds and great colors

gifs by Juergen

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sunrise Lower river part 1

sunrise Lower River Part 2

Good morning Lower River

by ScotianNS CANADA

Scotian NS Canada

LR July 27th 2014

Pamela sunrises

Sunrise collage by  Pamela

Sunrise + bear by Shelly

Shelly bear and sky

LR July 27th 2014

No bears but salmon at underwater cam  by Suefish


RW July 27th 2014

Oh wait... Backpack at the Falls

BllueLily Backpack

 early at the falls, not sure if Walker   by P.Whitted

PegWhitted walker

BF July 27th 2014

Think we have a new great artist !!! Thank you Rosalinde

Rosalie text

Rosalinde 2