Divot with snare and Holly and the "Cubadult"

Earlier today, many of you saw the sow with a single cub at the Lower River. That is believed to have been Divot, 854, now with only one cub. That alone would be news, but it also appears that she has been caught in a wolf snare, broken free, but still has the snare around her neck. From the photos we have, it looks as if it has cut into her neck. Our plan is to attempt to tranquilize her on Tuesday and remove the snare. This is a long shot, as she has not been routinely seen this year and we may not even be able to locate her. Perhaps with fewer Brooks Camp visitors and a fair number of salmon around she will linger just a while longer. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Divot with wire snare around her neck
  • Divot with wire snare around neck, and her yearling cub
  • Divot with wire snare around her neck, with her yearling cub
  • Divot and Cub, Lower River 2014-07-28 at 11.30.11 AM
  • CalliopeJane's photo of Divot with snare posted July 28 2014 taken at Margot I believe
  • post from Ranger Roy in chat

On a happier note. . . .

Holly was photographed last week at Margot creek with what appears to be  402's Cubadult . Photos may be added later.

what else happend that day

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