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The day starts amazing... sleepy bear in his day bed,

wrestlingmatch, Holly with two cubs and mum with single cup

Snapshots LR     

"Wrestlingmatch" LR video

Film from KNPP 32Chunk and 89 Backpack every days Playfight routine

KNPP:  "What ‘cha gonna do when Chunk and all of his Chunk-o-maniacs run wild on you?!

Bears 32 Chunk (darker brown) and 89 Backpack (grizzled brown) spar in an extended play fight. This play fight last for nearly 20 minutes. Young, well fed bears that are tolerant of one another will often play flight. This play mimics the motions of real fighting between bears. These young males are ascending the bear hierarchy each summer. It is quite possible that they will be fighting for real over fish or females in the next few years."


Pics and story about little #500 Indy by Brumma