Bears seen in 2018:

This table will be used to document the bears that have been seen so far in the 2018 season.  It will primarily be updated using information obtained from current and former park staff, however, if you know of a bear we are missing, please suggest that it be added where appropriate, and include photos or other documentation of it being seen.  Pictures and detailed information are organized by month below the table.

Please Note:  The following abbreviations are used in the chart below:

C = Courting

COY = Spring Cubs / Cubs-of-the-year

D = Darted / Ranger Michael Saxton DNA study

FHV = Falls High View cam

FLV = Falls Low View cam

MS = Official Bear Monitoring Session

UD = Unsuccessfully Darted  Ranger Michael Saxton DNA study

YRL'ng = Yearling Cubs (1.5 year old cubs)


Bear #

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec N/A N/A N/A
32 Chunk Yes per David Kopshever report


45 Tatonka
51 Diver Jr. 6/24
83 Wayne Brother 6/29 7/1
89 Backpack 6/30 7/1
92 Enigma
151 Walker


6/16 14:15 LR? 

6/21 Falls

7/1 8/1
? 253 7/12Text Chat
274 Overflow 6/25 7/1
293 Long Neck
469 Patches
480 Otis 6/29 7/1 8/1
503 Cubadlt 6/23 8/1
603 ?7/6
634 Popeye R. Roy comment [1]5/23 6/8 7/1
747 "Colbert" 6/21 7/1 8/1
755 Scare D Bear 6/24 7/1 8/1
775 Lefty 7/4 8/1
801 7/6 8/1
806 Subadult
808 Subadult
809 Subadult  273's 2015 Male
810 Subadult
812 Subadult 8/1
820 Subadult
821 Subadult 504's 2015 Darker Male 6/30




6/6 or before

8xx Subadult    94's 2015 Male
8xx Subadult 402's 2015 Larger Male
UnID'd Large Boar

6/10 afternoon b4 15:01


Bear #

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec w/ COY w/ YRL'ng w/ Older Cubs
39 ?7/4PBP 8/4
94 7/15 8/2 w 3 w 3
128 Grazer 5/18-20 and PRIOR 6/1, 6/2 single


7/1 8/1

2.5 YOs

3 (5/18 or prior) then 2 (5/20)

132 6/28 7/3 2 then1,7/3
153 (now 39)
171 7/6 7/9 PBP single
273 ?7/12


284 "Electra" 7/1

7/9 PBP single



8/1 w 4 w 4
409 Beadnose 5/19 6/6 and prior, single 7/1 8/1

Two 2.5 YO's 


410 6/28


424 "Mini 410"
425 Jan
435 Holly 6/3 w 2

6/17 w 2

7/1 8/1 w 2 2 YRL'ng
451 6/30 w 3 7/1



477 Sara 6/24 7/11
482 Brett



w 3
500 Indy 7/1 ?
504 7/4 PBP 8/2
505 8/2 w 2 w 2
700 Marge ?7/9
708 Amelia 6/21 Single 7/1
717 Subadult 4.5 Y.O. 7/3 PBP 8/1
719 Subadult ?6/24 7/10 PBP 8/1
744 Dent
803 ?7/10 PBP


804 Subadult "Not-505" aka Little Lip Fisher (132's ?) ? 6/30 8/8


811 Subadult
813 Nostril Bear 7/21 w 2
831Subadult ? 8/1
854 Divot 6/19FLV cam


8xx Subadult 402's 2015 Smaller Female
8xx Subadult 504's Lighter Female
Unid'd sow (?seen 2017 w cub) 7/10PBP
409's 2 Subadults 6/11 8/1
708's 2 subadults ?8/14
ID'd Sex Unknown Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec w/ COY w/ YRL'ng w/ Older Cubs
807 2017 Subadult Sex Unknown
39's 3 subadults 7/20
UnID'd Sex Unknown Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec w/ COY w/ YRL'ng w/ Older Cubs
04/23 Subadult 4/23
Subadult 5/21 or 5/22 subadult on beach with fish
2 Subadults 5/28 16:00
2 Subadults poss 128s rem 2.5 YO 5/30
Subadult 6/8 & 6/10
Adult 7/27 8/2

Detailed Information & Pictures re: Bears Seen 2018:

April 2018:

2018.04.23:   April 23, 2018 14:13 KNP&P tweet: 

"They're awake!

The first bear of the season, a light-colored subadult, was spotted near Brooks Camp by our maintenance crews preparing the camp for the summer. The bears are up and moving around!

May 2018:

2018.05.17 20:38 or PRIOR:  KNP&P Facebook post reply made May 17, 2018 at 20:38 :

"We don’t have any confirmed sightings of recognizable bears... yet."

2018.05.18 15:57 or PRIOR:  KNP&P Facebook post reply made May 18, 2018 at 15:57 :

"Joanne yes, reports from camp tell of a sow with two yearlings spotted, a sow with one yearling, and one sub adult. That’s all we’ve heard of so far."

2018.05.18 - 2018.05.20 & possibly PRIOR:  KNP&P Facebook post made May 21, 2018 at 06:31 :  

"Bear update: bear 128, nicknamed Grazer, has been identified for the first time this season! 

In recent days she was seen with all three of her well-known cubs. However, this weekend she was spotted in Brooks Camp with only two. It is possible that one cub has been emancipated and joined the ranks of the subadult bears in the area.

Photo courtesy of R. Taylor
[Image description: Brown bear sow with two cubs resting]"

On May 21, 2018 at 14:18 KNP&P replied to a comment on their Facebook post regarding if it is possible for partial litter emancipation in when there are multiple cubs / could one of 128 Grazer's three 2.5 year-old cubs be emancipated and the other two remain with 128 Grazer:

"In some cases, yes, cubs may not all be emancipated by their mother at the same time."

On May 21, 2018 at 14:19 KNP&P replied to a comment on their Facebook post regarding the date the photo of 128 Grazer and her two remaining 2.5 year-old cubs was taken by R. Taylor, he took the photo on May 20, 2018:

On May 22, 2018 or prior , KNP&P replied to Greyhound Jo via Facebook private message regarding partial litter emancipation:

2018.05.19:  409 Beadnose and her two 2.5 year-old cubs were observed at Brooks Camp per KNP&P's May 22, 2018 10:05 Facebook post :

"Bear update: bear 409 has been identified for the first time this season!

She is still accompanied by her two 2.5 year old cubs, her fourth litter. 409 can be identified by her dark chocolate-brown coat and blonde ears.

Photo courtesy of R. Taylor
[Image description: a brown bear sow with two large cubs grazing in grass]"

2018.05.21 or 2018.05.22:   KNP&P's May 24, 2018 06:31 Facebook post with photo of unidentified (at this time) subadult with fish by B. Lutes: "This subadult bear was seen on Naknek Lake with its prized catch early this week. Younger bears catching fish this early in the season is not a common sight.

Photo courtesy of B. Lutes "

KNP&P replied to Mazey via private Facebook message that they believed the photo of the subadult with the fish was taken on May 21, 2018:

On May 24, 2018 at 12:51, Ranger Russ (Katmai Ranger) comments that the above photo of the subadult with the fish was taken the "day before yesterday", so on May 22, 2018.  

2018.05.23:  128 Grazer and her 2 remaining 2.5 year-old cubs.  Photo courtesy of Ranger Russ May 31, 2018 with his 09:11 bearcam comment .  Another photo of the remaining family group was provided by KNP&P on their flickr.


2018.05.24 or PRIOR:  On May 24, 2018 at 12:50 Ranger Russ's (Katmai Ranger) comment re: bears observed so far this season:

"We've seen Bear 128, Grazer, with two cubs. We've seen Bear 409 and her two cubs. We've seen a couple of subadults. I wonder if one sub-adult is Grazer's emancipated cub. Hard to know for sure."

2018.05.24 - 2018.05.30:  128 Grazer with her two remaining 2.5 year-olds and 409 Beadnose with her two 2.5 year-olds on Spit Road NPS photo courtesy of R. Taylor via KNP&P June 1, 2018 06:01 Facebook post :

Like sports teams in different colored jerseys, the families of bear 128 and bear 409 faced off near the lower river last week.

NPS Photo/R. Taylor

2018.05.25 or PRIOR:  409 Beadnose with two 2.5 year-old cubs and a moose via Brooks Lodge's May 25, 2018 10:59 Facebook post with photos by Kulik Lodge's Amy MacEachern:

2018.05.28 16:00:  Katmai Ranger (Ranger Russ or Ranger Andrew) commented on May 29, 2018 at 09:57 that he saw 2 small subadults outside his cabin on Monday, May 28, 2018 around 16:00:

"Good morning from Brooks Camp everyone. It was a very quiet weekend for bears. I didn't see any until Monday afternoon around 4pm when two subadults wandered past my cabin on Brooks Lake. They were small, must have been recently emancipated. Not sure who they belonged to, but definitely not 128. I was not able to get any photographs."

2018.05.29:  KNP&P provides an update on 128 Grazer, her two remaining yearlings, and her missing / emancipated cub in a reply under their May 29, 2019 Facebook post :

"When she's been seen recently, bear 128 still has the two remaining cubs. There have been several solitary subadults seen in the area, but it is unknown if any of them are indeed 128's offspring."

At 17:06, Ranger Russ, via Katmai Ranger's profile, shares information in the bearcam comments about bear activity around Brooks Camp today:

"Ranger Russ here. A little bit of activity around brooks camp today. A boar was chasing a sow right around camp, and two subadults were wandering around the beach and marsh near the bridge a fair bit this afternoon."

2018.05.30:  2 subadults observed on May 30, 2018; possibly 128 Grazer's remaining 2.5 year-old offspring per Ranger Russ' May 31, 2018 08:27 comment.

2018.05.31 Afternoon:  Ranger Russ' May 31, 2018 16:30 comment with photo of subadult observed today on the beach near Naknek Lake:

June 2018:

2018.06.01:  Ranger Russ commented at 15:16 about bears observed today: "Some of our rangers were out on a boat on the Iliuk Arm today and spotted two subadults and a sow with a COY." Ranger Russ also commented at 15:18 and shared that those bears could potentially be bears that use the Brooks River:

KNP&P added a photo of a subadult observed today on Spit Road to their flickr:

2018.06.01 & 2018.06.02: Ranger Russ also commented on June 2, 2018 about bears seen on June 1, 2018 and the morning of June 2, 2018:

Ranger Russ' June 2, 2018 09:12 comment  included news about bears observed on June 1, 2018: "Good morning, Ranger Russ here. A lot of news to report from yesterday and this morning. Pretty sure I saw 409 yesterday afternoon, without any cubs. About half an hour later I saw a subadult, sure looked like one of hers, it had very dark forearms. Also yesterday afternoon I saw what appeared to be 128 chasing off a blond subadult. Just a couple of minutes ago I saw what appeared to be 128's youngest all by itself. It wandered along the campground trail, then up the cultural trail, then to the Oxbow heading up river. I'm going to get you photos on here in just a moment.

Also, a bit shoutout to Ranger Andrew. Because he is doing so much of the behind the scenes logistics to help get the cameras running, it's freeing me up to spend some time with you guys. He's making runs to King Salmon to get their gear out here, arranging permits for a helicopter flight to Dumpling, organizing housing for the explore guys while they're here, just so many logistics. Thanks Ranger Andrew for all the behind the scenes work you're doing!"

Ranger Russ' June 2, 2018 09:51 comment included a photo and a request for cam viewers to help him out with identifying the bear observed in the lower river at approximately 17:00 on June 1, 2018:

"Okay, y'all help me out. Was this 409? Seen yesterday on the lower river around 5pm."

Cam viewer Birgitt commented that the bear does not look like 409 to her...ears are too dark and not fluffy enough.

Ranger Russ' June 2, 2018 09:54 comment :  

"Thanks. You may be right.

On June 3, 2018 at 08:59 KNP&P posted to their Facebok that the bear observed on June 1, 2018 at approximately 17:00 and photographed by Ranger Russ has been firmly identified as 151 Walker:

At approximately 17:30 on June 1, 2018, Ranger Russ observed a subadult that he thought sure looked like one of 409 Beadnose's 2.5 year-olds..the subadult had very dark forearms.  On June 2, 2018 at 09:55 Ranger Russ shared a photo of the subadult.  On June 2, 2018 at 09:57 Ranger Russ shared another photo of the subadult with dark forearms.  On June 2, 2018 at 09:58 Ranger Russ confirmed for DTB that the subadult is urinating in the first photo posted below.  On June 2, 2018 at 10:06 Ranger Russ commented that this subadult may be 128 Grazer's dark subadult as Birgitt suggested since he has blonde ear tips.  Ranger Russ' second June 2, 2018 10:06 comment included one more view (photo ) of the male subadult with dark forearms and blonde ear tips.:

On the morning of June 2, 2018 Ranger Russ observed a blond subadult on campground trail near the ranger station that could possibly be 128 Grazer's runt.  Ranger Russ shared two photos of this subadult with us in his June 2, 2018 10:28 commentPhoto #1 (top) & Photo #2 (bottom):

2018.06.03:  435 Holly with her two yearlings were observed for the first time this season a few minutes prior to 16:10.  Ranger Russ commented (at 16:10) to share the news and a photo of 435 Holly with one of the two yearlings taken by Ranger Kristen just a few minutes before he posted his comment to the bearcam comments.:

2018.06.06 & THE FEW DAYS PRIOR:  856 was observed courting 409 Beadnose June 6, 2018 and the few days prior per Mike Fitz' June 6, 2018 blog: Brooks River Bear Mating Season :

"Over the past few days at Brooks River, one of the area’s most dominant bears, 856, has been incessantly following the adult female 409 Beadnose. 409, many bearcam viewers may remember, raised two yearling cubs last summer, and she was seen with them earlier this spring. Now however, we know she has emancipated her cubs and is once again single. 856, perhaps more than anyone, knows this as well, and his proximity to Beadnose reveals his amorous intentions."

2018.06.07 or PRIOR:  Ranger Russ' June 7, 2018 11:46 comment with 435 Holly and two yearlings photo by Ranger Anela Ramos:

2018.06.08 Just after 07:30:  Ranger Russ' June 8. 2018 14:33 comment with photo of 634 Popeye in the lower Brooks River taken June 8, 2018 just after 07:30 .  Ranger Russ also commented at 14:44 regarding 634 Popeye's 2017 limp:  "I only saw him right before he entered the river, but didn't notice any obvious limp."  KNP&P's June 8, 2018 15:51 Facebook post provides a bear update on 634 Popeye. :

2018.06.08 & 2018.06.10:  This subadult showed up in Brooks Camp for the first time on June 8th and was seen around camp again on June 10, 2018 per KNP&P's June 10, 2018 16:10 facebook post .  

2018.06.10 Afternoon:  Ranger Andrew's June 10, 2018 15:01 commented that there was an unidentified large boar keeping the bridge closed this afternoon.


Note:  See other video listed on the June 11, 2018 daily notes wiki page :

Raw footage taken from an iPhone while's bearcam techs were working on the cams in preparation for the upcoming live cam season:

Bear Cam Update Raw footage from Katmai! Raw Clips from Katmai June 11, 2018 by Explore

Bear Cam Update Raw footage from Katmai! Raw Clips from Katmai June 11, 2018 by

KNP&P's June 11, 2018 20:02 Facebook post:   "Bear update: Two subadults showed up at camp today, and then they were chased by a third. They all ran down the beach out of sight.

NPS Photos/R. Taylor"


Morning:  856 was observed courting 409 Beadnose on the morning of June 16, 2018 per Ranger Russ' June 16, 2018 10:35 comment :  

"Good morning from Alaska. I'll be here the next half hour should you have any questions. Yes, we do expect to have the bearcams to be running and the Bear Book out by next week.

There were no bear sightings yesterday. This morning 856 was seen pursuing 409. I was not able to make a photograph, but it was confirmed by several people that they were the bears seen."

14:15 Afternoon:  "A new bear spotted on the lower river this afternoon around 2:15pm local time. Is it a returning bear? Is it a new bear passing through? It appears to be an older subadult/younger adult. What do you all think?" per Ranger Russ' June 16, 2018 15:17 commentRanger Russ shared two photos in his June 16, 2018 15:16 comment :  Photo #1 & Photo #2 :

2018.06.17:  435 Holly with her 2 yearlings and 3 subadults per Ranger Russ' June 17, 2018 13:47 comment :

"Ranger Russ here. I know you're all anxiously awaiting the return of the live stream. We still expect the bearcam and the Bear Book to be out in the next week. In the meantime, I'll do my best to keep you updated on what's happening around camp. 435 Holly and her two yearling cubs visited camp today (photos attached). We've also had three subadults around camp at some point today, but don't know which ones they were. I'll be here for about 30 minutes should you have any questions."


16:21:  854 Divot was observed on the Falls Low View cam.  See the details, snapshots, videos and Mike Fitz comments provided on the June 19, 2018 daily notes page .  

19:44:  Ranger Jeanne commented that a subadult just walked below the Brooks Falls wildlife viewing platform:

2018.06.20:  See June 20, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

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July 2018:

2018.07.01:  See July 1, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

2018.07.02:  See July 2, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

2018.07.03:  See July 3, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

2018.07.04:  See July 4, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

2018.07.05:  See July 5, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

2018.07.06:  See July 6, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

2018.07.07:  See July 7, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

2018.07.08:  See July 8, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

Also of note for July 8, 2018 is that 128 Grazer's three recently emancipated 2.5 year-old offspring, now independent subadults, were all observed playing together by park staff on July 8, 2018 per Ranger Russ Taylor during the set-up for the July 9, 2018 10:00 live chat from the Riffles wildlife viewing platform.  Ranger Russ said that he was hopeful that Ranger Anela would get photos of those three subadults out to cam viewers in the near future.

Ranger Russ said:  "We did see 128's three cubs last night, all together playing, so that was a good sign for people who have been following that family.  I think Ranger Anela may get a picture out for viewers before too long of that family.  So, it was nice to see them."

2018.07.09:  See July 9, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

2018.07.10:  See July 10, 2018 daily notes page for bears seen.

August 2018:

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